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Every state has its own unique aspects, which lends itself to people looking for something new or looking to invest. There are a number of different types of properties and Alabama real estate that lends itself to those who are interested in real estate investing. There are several different types of Alabama real estate that can be excellent investments. These are rental, vacant and raw properties.

If you are new to real estate investing or just considering the idea of investing in property for personal but not professional reasons, you may be confused as to what constitutes each type of property. Raw land or raw properties are those properties that are strictly land. Alabama real estate that falls under the category of raw land probably is completely undeveloped. This means that water, electric, sewer or septic, and phone lines would have to be brought in. Raw land is most often found in areas that are completely undeveloped like woodlands. They make great investments or uses for camping and hunting.

Raw land is slightly different from vacant land, while often time the terms are used interchangeably vacant land is more likely to be land that has septic or sewer, water, electric and phone lines available and already on the property but that would be the only development. In other words, Alabama real estate vacant land is more likely to be ready to build property. This type of Alabama real estate is excellent for quick turn around. These properties can be purchased just about anywhere. They are a little more expensive usually than raw land because they do have some development and are ready to build. Alabama real estate of this type is most likely to be found closer to developed areas. Depending on the area, it is also easy to purchase this type of land in times when the market is favorable to buyers and then sell it off as soon as it became a sellers market.

Rental properties are usually developed properties, homes or buildings depending on if you are dealing with residential Alabama real estate or dealing with commercial Alabama real estate. These properties are purchased with long-term continual income in mind. Usually rent is set to the loan payment or mortgage payment plus between 100 and 200 dollars. This gives the homeowner not only the loan payment but also a tidy income. In fact, there are some people who make an excellent full time living off just the income gained from their rental properties.

Alabama real estate investing can provide a wealth of opportunities to provide an income not just tomorrow but well into the future. It is not without its risks. Rental properties sometimes end up vacant; land can sit for years before there is someone interested in it, the market can also fall and even when it becomes stable not reach the point it was at when the purchase was made indicating an over all loss for whatever type of property it is.

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